CFA Announces Vision and Priorities for 2021

CFA’s Focus – Renewing Christian Life in America

We encourage you to explore this initiative, the “Three Pillars” and join the movement by starting a local chapter in your community. The Three Pillars include:

  • Values Based Education
  • Leadership and Civic Engagement
  • Mercy and Justice in Community

Our first enewsletter of January, 2021 contains the full announcement. If you’d like to receive a copy, send us an email or complete the brief form below.

Our Mission is Inspiring Generosity for Christian Impact

Operating as a community foundation, activities are focused on charitable fundraising, chartiable funds management and distribution serving donors, and Christian churches and charities in various donor advised funds, restricted funds and charitable trust funds. It is the donors and charties we serve who recommend or decide where distributions for charitable purposes will be focused.

Get in touch here: [email protected] & visit us at

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