IDEOS Institute

IDEOS Institute is a Christian media group working to find solutions to contemporary spaces of communal, cultural and geopolitical conflict at the intersection of narrative and reconciliation.
Stories have the power to connect us. They also have the power to transform communities and societies. It is for these reasons that, at IDEOS, we focus on the transformative power of story and personal testimony as mediums to bring together people with different and sometimes opposing perspectives to identify common values and goals. From there we begin to bridge the ideological divides that challenge collaboration and the mutual understanding necessary for the design of effective and sustainable solutions. As a result, new ideas are formed, relationships are restored, and healing begins. 
At the center of work is not only a commitment to telling stories, but to radically changing the culture of division and conflict that exists in our world.
IDEOS: working to transform the future of conflict one story at a time.

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