… is founded on faith.

We are a response to the growing division and polarization spreading throughout our society and culture.

Our Mission…

The Barna Group has concluded: “We are in a cultural crisis […] Generation, gender, socioeconomics, ethnicity, faith, and politics massively divide the American population.”

As a just, equitable, and peace-filled world feels increasingly out of reach, one of our most powerful tools to draw us toward one another is empathy. And so, we follow the example of the Christ who came to be with us and offers us this better way of empathy and justice.

We tell stories that broaden the perspectives people hold around the challenging issues of society and culture and start important conversations that shift us away from division and polarization to create a flourishing and just community – one story, one conversation at a time.


From Conflict Expert to Empathy Builder

Christy Vines is a published writer and international speaker with close to 20 years of experience. She has served as an expert and advisor to government leaders and agencies in and outside of the U.S. Her work has been published in the Washington Post, Religion News Service, Capital Commentary and Christianity Today.

Prior to founding Ideos, Christy founded and led the Center for Women, Faith & Leadership at the Institute for Global Engagement and held several roles with the RAND Corporation, including the RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy, Center for Asia Pacific Policy, and Center for Global Risk and Security. She also played a lead role on the RAND African First Ladies Initiative where she was responsible for the development of multi-sector partnership strategies for first lady priority policy issues and projects.

Christy earned her Master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and has a B.A. in Sociology with an emphasis in quantitative research.

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IDEOS is a program of Christian Foundation of America. Through its offerings and activities, IDEOS seeks to encourage individuals and organizations  in pursuit of relationships that honor the dignity of every person.  We hope IDEOS will inspire others to engage more fully in community, leading ultimately to deeper acts of generosity.  Please visit  IDEOS’ website for more information about its mission and activities.