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Hello, I’m Karen Devemark— Director, Center for Latino Philanthropy: UNIDOS EN FÉ

I’ve been blessed to call two countries my home as God has guided me through my life and career.  Most importantly, the Lord has taught me that FAITH, FAMILY, and COMMUNITY are the cornerstones of my life. 

When I learned how Christian Foundation of America is helping successful families fulfill their goals in these three areas, I imagined many possibilities!  

I want to help as many as I can to learn “WHAT’S POSSIBLE” … including ideas for generously supporting charities and causes important to YOU.  

These ideas help increase charitable giving, and can include intentional plans to build an enduring legacy. The convergence of optimizing your family’s inheritance goals while creating lasting impact for charitable causes is wise estate planning’s highest calling. Helping you structure and achieve these goals is CFA’s mission.

I’m excited to not only celebrate God’s blessings in your achievements, but also to share with you the many types of strategies you can use to help ensure future family security while paying forward the generosity God has shown you… Creative ideas to Bless Family and Community, in Faith!

As a first-generation Christian immigrant and entrepreneur, I understand that sound stewardship of your hard-earned wealth must provide for your loved ones while also accomplishing the good that you want to do on earth.

The CFA team is comprised of trustworthy and knowledgeable financial and estate planning professionals, who will help you design and manage your charitable giving in such a way that that you:

• REDUCE your tax burden;

• PROVIDE for yourself and your family for the long-term; and

• INCREASE the support you give to the nonprofits and ministries you champion. 

All with careful planning tailored specifically for your circumstances and goals.

Perhaps you have an appreciated asset or business interest that will be sold and you’d like to reduce capital gains taxes?

Or an estate that exceeds tax exemption amounts and you’d like to eliminate estate taxes?

Maybe you’ve never thought about charitable wealth management strategies as a tax-deferred or even tax-free investment before. 

Or perhaps you already work with a financial advisor or legal partner—let’s invite them to weigh in.

Together, we can design a plan that cultivates and optimizes unity between your legacy of generosity and family financial goals, including your estate planning. 

Honor the Lord with your wealth,
    with the firstfruits of all your crops;
 then your barns will be filled to overflowing,
    and your vats will brim over with new wine.  – Proverbs 3:9-10

I invite you to contact me through the form below, and let’s have a call to answer your questions and explore WHAT’S POSSIBLE.

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Karen Devemark

DIRECTOR, Center for Latino Philanthropy: UNIDOS EN FÉ

Recognizing a deep need in the Latino community to have capable planned giving strategies for successful families that value faith and community support, the Christian Foundation of America has launched CFA’s Center for Latino Philanthropy (UNIDOS EN FÉ) as the first planned giving community especially designed for cultural impact.

As the newly appointed Director, KAREN DEVEMARK brings her rich heritage and understanding as a business-woman, her caregiving nature as a certified nurse, and her client-first service-mindedness as a stylist to her passion for humanity and advancing faith-based causes.

In her new role, she will cultivate connections with the people and communities who want to make a difference in the world through their generosity and stewardship.

Backed by CFA’s time-tested resources, methodologies and upstanding leadership, KAREN is forming a Latino Advisory Council to weigh into issues that are unique to this population of service-minded philanthropists.

Ask her about how personal planned giving funds, charitable gifts management and large gifts can best be deployed to benefit the constituents you serve.

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