Learning Lab Orientation

What’s new at the Generosity Learning Lab – EVERYTHING! We’re so pleased to make the Generosity Learning Lab Available, with a convenient spot to review the education and resources that “Inspire Generosity for Christian Impact”. With a focus on the stewardship of generosity and creating a lastin legacy, explore! If you are a prospective donor, we have lots of great information. We would love you to call or email us anytime to visit and help you focus on ideas best for your circumstances. For churches and charities, we’ve done it all! A simple to implement program bringing great information to your members and donors in the areas of charitable gift planning, estate planning and leaving a legacy. Working with a volunteer “GladVisor”, it’s now possible to bring the right education and inspiration to you, virtually, or in person. Learn how to nominate your favorite “expert” to become a GladVisor, and become equipped!

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