Donor Advised Fund

Inspiring Generosity with Maximum Impact

A Donor Advised Fund at CFA (Christian Foundation of America) is an easy-to-create, low-cost, flexible account for charitable giving that is a popular alternative to creating a private foundation. Donor Advised Funds are the fastest growing charitable vehicles in America today.

Make tax-deductible gifts

Contribute all kinds of assets – stocks, IRAs, real estate, business interests – and maximize tax deductions and avoid expensive fees

Great investment options

Gain access to the financial tools that can help fund your balance and increase the potential to grow tax-free.

Choose Your Charity

Browse our charity profiles and affiliated ministries pages to select your favorites, and CFA sends them money for you.  Or choose your own charity, and CFA will manage contributions in your name.

Take A Walk-Through

A Donor Advised Fund works like a charitable checking account, and when you see it in action, you’ll know why. You make gifts into the Fund and then dictate distributions to your favorite charities or ministries. And CFA sends the charity money to support their work, in your name.

How Does Generosity Interact with Faith?

Begin with our devotional of the seven biblical principles on stewardship

Giving can transform every major aspect of your life. At Christian Foundation of America, we help you create a Giving plan that applies a scriptural perspective to five areas of generosity.