Your Legacy Takes Planning!

Protecting your loved ones needs planning.  Leaving the right inheritance takes planning.  Setting up your will requires planning.  But don’t be overwhelmed with it all – we’re here to help!  We’ll help you make the right plans, talk with the right people, and make the right choices, so that you can build a legacy that blesses you now, and your family and friends well into the future.

The “No Documents” Will

With no paperwork in place, Probate Court decides who inherits, which may include those who should not inherit! Probate Court is also expensive, takes years to process, and does not include any gifts to charities

“I Have a Will” Plan

A basic will species the executor of your estate and who inherits. However, Probate Courts are still involved.  Probate Courts are expensive and time-consuming, and gifts to charity are subject to the Probate Court process.

“Living Trust” Plan

A protective covering over your estate, avoiding costly Probate Courts and lengthy processes. More flexible options, giving you more control over your estate. Gifts to Charity are made possible and customizable.

Ready to Start?

Begin by using our Estate Planning Guide. This resource contains all the info and instructions you need for a powerful legacy strategy.

Joe & Anna Discovered a Secret

“We wanted to do more than just make gifts. Joe and I have been careful and have been able to save enough for retirement. We plan to be generous with family, but we also have the ability to be generous with charity…”

Will Planning Resources

A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children

– Proverbs 13:22