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Welcome to the Learning Lab!  Providing Resources for You, Your Charity, Church or Small Group.

What is Generosity Learning Labs?

Welcome to CFA’s Learning Lab! When people know better, together we can do better! Our mission is  “Inspiring Generosity for Christian Impact”. At the Learning Lab you can find education and links that inspire Generosity with wise stewardship, smart charitable giving strategies for today, and to leave a legacy for future generations. We hope you are inspired to Learn, and find practical ways to support, build, and serve others in your community.  CFA is here to help you with services and resources to facilitate charitable giving  for greater impact that you the donor can use to support causes that matter to you, and further God’s Kingdom!

Become a GladVisor- Generosity and Legacy Advisor: A volunteer program for Advisors, Stewardship Leaders and Planned Giving professionals! Learn how to become part of CFA’s growing network volunteering in their local communities by educating in churches or other settings, and providing smart charitable giving ideas to encourage generosity. We have developed effective methods that churches trust and are comfortable providing to their members, and that charities are using to encourage members and donors to leverage their generosity, even leave an impactful legacy for family, and community.

Webinars & Events

Generosity Learning Labs offers webinars and seminars online and in person. Check out what is coming up here, or on a Gladvisor’s page. Or, reach out to us to schedule an event for you and your group!

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Resources & Downloads

Consider Christian Foundation of America your personal resource of seasoned professionals  available to assist you with your questions. We have resources available to you so you can understand what is possible in your generosity planning.

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Learning Lab Links

Learning Labs is here to help you understand more about the various charitable options and what choices you have available to you. Take your time to learn at your pace, in the privacy of your home, car, social media platforms or wherever you think, plan and learn best!

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Connect with your Local GladVisor

What is a GladVisor?

GladVisors (Generosity and Legacy Advisors) are carefully selected vetted individuals who serve CFA on a voluntary basis. Each has demonstrated a heart to serve their communities, churches, and charities by supporting legacy initiatives, and promoting generosity and charitable gifts planning.

GladVisors have a heart for Christian stewardship and generosity, have been trained by CFA and demonstrate knowledge of advanced giving and tax strategies. They have demonstrated interest in serving through helping expand personal and group giving to those charities you/they are passionate about – all for God’s glory.

GladVisors will work in partnership with your legal, financial and tax professional to assist you in applying the resources available through our Generosity Learning Lab and website links and partners. They have an eye to help you identify options that you may not have considered or have been unaware of. GladVisors service involves consulting and advising individuals who have giving desires or want help in educating and motivating their church or charity’s donors and prospects.

GladVisors know that when they help churches, charities, and individuals, good things happen, and that’s what makes them GLAD! GladVisor’s are available to meet with you personally or online with Zoom, and discuss available options with you. The value to you, and those you support, is well worth the time invested. Email us today, put GladVisor in the subject line, and setup an initial consult: [email protected].

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a GladVisor in the future. We are not currently adding new GladVisors, but anticipate we will be open for new applicants later this year.

Becoming a GladVisor

Are you a seasoned financial, estate planning or planned giving professional? Would you like to volunteer in your Church and community by giving back with education, and  information about charitable giving, generosity and legacy?   If you are called to use your gifts of experience to educate and encourage others, and wondered how to do that in  you church and community, the GladVisor volunteer program is for you!  If you are a Pastor or other leader at your church in stewardship, and are looking for support in the specialized areas of creative charitable giving, wills and living trusts, and legacy gifts, you will  find the GladVisor program is what you have been looking for!    Help other learn with story based, non-technical educational approaches that help folks learn what’s possible!

We’re looking to invite qualified, seasoned professionals interested in volunteering in your own church or community, to join as volunteer members of this unique GladVisors program. Get started by providing us a little information and contact us today!

Become a GladVisor.

Interested in learning more about about GladVisor volunteer program? Complete this simple form and tell us a bit about you an your background.

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