What is a GladVisor?

GladVisor, means “Generosity and Legacy Advisor.” For years CFA has provided stewardship outreach education as part of our mission in church and Christian charity settings.

We have worked with seasoned, experienced financial or legal advisors who also wish to contribute by providing educational opportunities to their church or community.

We have created resources, and a dashboard to make it possible for YOU as a financial or legal advisor to now volunteer, along with access to CFA’s proven education and resources in your church or community.

This is a new program being piloted. If you are interested in learning more, please complete the brief form below. We aren’t currently adding to the pilot group, but we WILL hold your interest for future reference.

Dick Edic

GladVisor – San Diego to Orange County

Fred Vaught

GladVisor San Diego

Peter T. Favero

GladVisor – Ventura County

Chuck McLucas

GladVisor Orange County to San Clemente

Merrit Strunk

GladVisor – San Diego County

Ryan Bennett

GladVisor – Ventura County

Anne Trinh

GladVisor South Bay LA to Orange Country

Jerry Blakely

GladVisor San Diego, Lancaster

GladVisors Guidelines


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