What is a GladVisor?

A GladVisor is a financial professional who partners with CFA to provide generosity and legacy tools to clients. Becoming a GladVisor means joining a community of financial wizards, with decades of leadership and innovation in charitable giving. CFA is comprised of some of the brightest, most passionate experts in philanthropy. We can work with you to help your clients explore tax-efficient strategies for inspiring generosity for Christian impact.

Increased Value for Your Clients

The individuals, families, churches, and ministries you serve will experience the joy of simplifying their giving and multiplying their impact.

Greater Purpose in Your Practice

When you partner with CFA and become a GladVisor, you upgrade your work – from a financial practice to a transformative ministry.

Inclusion in Community

When you become a GladVisor, you are joining a community of like-minded professionals and plugging into a network of generous givers

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GLADVisor - San Diego to Orange County

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GladVisor Orange County to San Clemente

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GladVisor South Bay LA to Orange Country

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