Breathing Life into Community

BLINC is a communications program of Christian Foundation of America.  The mission of BLINC is to foster engagement, with compassion and generosity, in community.  We hope you are inspired to Breathe Life into your Community, and find tangible ways to do so.  CFA is here to help you with services and resources to facilitate charitable giving services that you the donor can use to support causes that matter to you!


BLINC wants to help Communities respond to the hurt and concerns in communities over racial injustice.  The CIRCLES project can help YOUR community join forces with another to deepen community ties, and find ways to help those in great need of Loving care and tangible good works.  Contact us here  to learn more.  A $10,000 gift will provide the resources for national provider GENERIS to help your community understand the dynamics of your local “CIRCLE” radius, and as you identify another “CIRCLE” can help with the local community analysis through demographics, generosity culture dialogue and a set of ideas to help you get started.    A $100,000 sponsorship can identify and jump start multiple CIRCLES in your region for even greater impact.  We encourage you to find a local community cause and get involved!

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In this first issue we acknowledge how much “Community Matters” and honor all those affected by lose of community and/or have faced trauma.  Whether you relate more to the article on feeling exposed by loss, or how generosity plays a role, or want to learn more about trauma and resources available or perhaps you enjoy poetry and photography, we are confident you’ll find this magazine of interest and enjoyable.

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Blinc Magazine Fall-Winter 2019-20

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Breathing Life into Community™ is an initiative born out of the Borderline shooting with 12 lives lost followed the next day by the Woolsey fire which devastated communities from the coast of Malibu to the valley of Thousand Oaks and miles in between.  The tragedy impacted people through loss, evacuation, displacement and trauma; 97,000 acres burned, 1,643 structures perished, three people died, and 295,000 people were evacuated and forced to make pivotal, life-altering decisions amidst tumult and great emotion.
Community, and the nature of community, was suddenly a concept and a reality that begged to be considered and comprehended.  What is community?  What does it mean to the individual, the family, to the collective group?  What and where do you choose your community to be, as it surely is an active choice?   And how do we become a light and positive influence within the community of others? This is not original thought, but an increasingly vital one as we choose each day whether to act with grace and love, recognizing we are all connected, or whether our choices create division and chaos.
Breathing Life into Community aims to foster unity in communities, and be a sacred space of active engagement, positive support and reciprocal communication.

Community Matters

And I think, paradoxically, much of what matters in community is that which is invisible… the ripple effects of how we impact one another, anchor or destabilize one another, see one another and connect. We venture in and out of the…

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Generosity and Justice

I never imagined THIS could happen in my community. Violence, rooted in anger, or maybe something else. The mystery remains – how someone can hurt innocents, strangers, random or targeted. It haunts us still…

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When Community Falls Apart

Fear of the unfamiliar becomes strangely absent in the midst of tragedy. Yet, this was our reality in 2018. In the midst of the tragic shooting at the Borderline restaurant that ended lives, divided families, and the fires…

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Partnering to Serve our Community. 

Read more to find out how organizations and people are coming together to serve…

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