Officer Bio

 G. Michael Livingston

Chairman of the Board

Mike grew up on the Island of Jamaica. At the age of 17 felt a call to ministry, which he followed by getting his theological training at Ft. Wayne Bible College in Fort Wayne, Indiana and at the age of 22 becoming a Senior Pastor in Fleetwood Pennsylvania. After pastoring for a total of 22 years, he was called to become the District Superintendent of the Western District of the Missionary Church, the Western District’s CEO position which he has lead from August 1989 to the present.

Mike’s visionary leadership is evident in his accomplishments. In addition to being a pastor to the pastors, as Regional Director for the Western District of the Missionary Church, one of his main duties was to oversee the starting of new churches. The district had an entity called Western Loans which provided loans for churches; however, Mike realized that he needed to have a means to fund these church plants. He then started a foundation called Stewardship Development Foundation, with the main purpose of providing funds for church planting. That foundation evolved into what is now called Christian Foundation of the West, (CFW). Many churches have been planted as a direct result of the funds from the foundation.

Additionally Mike has developed a Rebirthing process for churches that need radical surgery. Since developing this process, he has personally mentored /coached several churches across the country through successful rebirths into healthy, dynamic, growing churches.

Mike has also strategized a process for refocusing the pastor and the church with the goal of producing healthy, reproducing churches. He is also a certified consultant for “Natural Church Development” founded by Christian A. Schwarz.

Mike makes his home in Moorpark, California with his wife Judy of 45 years. They have two daughters and three grandchildren.